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AK Series - AK Series Voice Logger

AK series is introduced by world’s leading voice logger maker Artech in year 2012. 
With the cutting-edge electronics technology and advanced software, this series is titled “the most outstanding voice logger”.

Look at the front panel of the AK voice logger, you can see a 5 inch colored touch screen. Users can monitor the system, do settings or search log and playback the recording by the finger touch.Each interface card’s got 8 ports. AK is expandable up to 4 cards, can handle max. 32 channel recording.The storage media is a removable 1TB hard disk driver.It is capable of recording 70,000 hours of conversation. 
When the space is full, AK can do loop recording.

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Like all other Artech voice loggers, AK is equipped with network connectivity. 
Users can log in the device remotely via intranet or internet. The new central managing software allows the administrator to manage multi devices on different sites simultaneously 
More power, more capacity, more reliability and more simplicity. 
Introducing brand new Artech AK series.